A post a day?

Wait could I actually get away with making a new post every day? No – what would be the point? I would end up becoming ‘Phil Space the Content Writer’, and that would not do at all.

One a completely different note –

Today I discovered that lots more Kiwis are worried about a return to lockdown than I predicted, this has the positive effect of encouraging people to use the QR code, and observe good hygiene, but the negative impact of introducing a sense of fatalism and doom, when people should be feeling a bit more optimistic given how well we have done so far.

Remaining vigilant and optimistic is a tough balancing act as we enter the pandemic’s second year, and I wonder how we can do both.

One idea that comes to mind is using social media to have a genuine guided conversation between experts, policy makers and the public. Maybe this would take the form of a daily Facebook Live in the early evening, with people responding directly to questions in the chat. Of course it would need to be firmly moderated to keep the Billy TK types out – or you would have to have a dedicated team responding to their nonsense in side conversations.

Community leaders with effective Whatsapp and Vibr chats could also be identified and used to spread the message – that the plan is working, we just need to stick at it, and be proud of ourselves.

A final role could be for people who can share real human success stories, examples of mutual aid, of family and friend reunification, and of Kiwis rediscovering the benefits of in country tourism.

it’s 2021!

It’s a new year and you know what that means right? Yep – I start a new blog and manage about two to three posts before being overwhelmed by other things and abandoning my genuine plan to conquer the world of blogging…

Well – no more, this blog will capture all of my thoughts no matter how undeserving of publication.

No seriously though, if I’m going to call myself a writer, then I need to knuckle down and write, and blogs have been the tool that have helped me in the past.

Which means this brand new self hosted baby will do the trick. Right? Right.