Still working.

It seems that despite a noticeable drop off in compliant behaviour by the general public a couple of weeks after each community scare, the system implemented by the coalition government and continued under the current one (which for overseas readers is different despite the coalition being Labour led, the former partners really did have a lot of say) is working and working well. Sure like any system, gaps and flaws get identified, but then they’re identified and rectified.

And enough people are wearing masks on public transport, and using track and trace that it works even if there isn’t universal compliance.

It’s tough for the National Party and the real runners up in the last election in terms of actual victory – ACT, find any real grounds to challenge on. The economy is healthy, people are satisfied with the government, and the vaccine is rolling out in a decent time frame.

It’s tough when there is one such overarching issue dominating the public discourse, but while the right is regrouping it, it feels like there have been some opportunities for those to the left of Labour, including the Greens to really push on the one crisis in our society that the government doesn’t have a grip on. Housing. It feels like as more people come home to Aotearoa from overseas, there is a real opportunity to create a supportive conversation around state housing, the provision of it, and the construction of it.

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